New Gloucester Veterans'


The  Goal of the New Gloucester Veterans Monument Project is for the New Gloucester, Maine Historical Society, Lunn-Hunnewell Amvets Post #6, New Gloucester Residents and Veterans to work together to construct the New Gloucester Veterans Monument.  This will be a place where the community can pay respect to all those from New Gloucester who have served our country and have been part of the military history of the United States.


Barr, William C

Bennett, Lester L

Berry, Carlton F

Blake, Arthur R

Blake, Walter H

Bonney, Homer W

Bragdon, Wallace Sr

Brown, James E

Carter, Rev. George  (YMCA)

Churchill, Cecil V

Edwards, Ralph M

Emery, Henry A

Estes, Weston M

Farrington, LeRoy G

Fickett, Frank S

Francis, Omar W

Goodrich, Arthur W

Greeley, Bernard C

Hawkes, Stanley E

Hotham, Charles C Sr

Hood, Nelson

Humphrey, Eugene W

Hunnewell, Ralph O

Johnston, Joseph W

Kilpatrick, George W

Lane, Randall M

Larrabee, Orman G

Leach, Victor W

Loverly, William

Martin, Arlie M

Martin, Blynn

May, Alfred

Merrill, Guy Frank

Nelson, Harold C

Nevens, Carleton A

Peaco, Wesley W

Perley, Lot J

Pitts, Thomas O

Pulsifer, Alden

Rogers, Fred L Sr

Schwerdtfeger, Augustus

Searles, Everett W

Sedgeley, Arthur D

Snow, Asa B

Snow, Everett W

Snow, Winfield S

Stevens, Leon C

Stevens, Leslie R

Stevens, Ralph B

Stewart, Charles W

Sweatt, Linwood A

Tripp, Leon E

True, Harry P

Tufts, Everett G

Tufts, Harvey M

Turner, Sabin S

Tuttle, F. Mellen

Verrill, Merritt

Waldron, Robert

Weymouth, John M

Wills, James Roy

Winslow, Freeman

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