New Gloucester Veterans'


The  Goal of the New Gloucester Veterans Monument Project is for the New Gloucester, Maine Historical Society, Lunn-Hunnewell Amvets Post #6, New Gloucester Residents and Veterans to work together to construct the New Gloucester Veterans Monument.  This will be a place where the community can pay respect to all those from New Gloucester who have served our country and have been part of the military history of the United States.


1950 - 1953

Adair, Forrest

Anderson, Thomas Jr

Berry, Albert

Blake, Herbert O

Bosse, Joseph A

Bradgon, Wallace E Jr

Bragdon, Fred W Sr

Bundy, Donald

Bundy, Richard

Burgess, Cedric

Cantin, Louis J

Carroll, Alfred Sr

Chandler, Donald Jr

Childs, Bernard

Childs, Harold R

Cooper, Donald P

Cordell, William B

D’Amboise, Paul

Donovan, Leonard

Doucette, Vernon J

Doucette, Wallace F Sr

Duplisea, Carl Jr

Edwards, Earl

Elliott, Carlton P

Emery, Guy T

Emery, Harlan L

Gaillard, Paul J

Gilmore, Arthur

Guiles, Philip E

Hahn, Robert E

Hamilton, Wallace Jr

Haney, Ronald W

Haskell, George

Haskell, Owen

Hodgkins, Merton

Hodgman, Kenneth A

Hood, Nelson A

Hotham, Floyd W

Hunnewell, Glenwood

Jannarone, Thomas

Johnson, Eugene

Joy, Wesley

Kane, Earl

Kiley, William J Jr

King, William

Leighton, Alvah

Leighton, Raymond E

Libby, Clifford

Lowe, Roy F

MacNeill, Rodney L Jr

Macomber, Bruce Sr

May, Linwood Sr

McEwen, Herschel B

McCoubrey, Jerry C

Merrill, Henry Jr

Mikkelsen, Howard N

Milliken, Joanne

Monto, Richard

Morgan, Richard L

Morin, Richard

Morrison, Earland H

Morrison, Lloyd R



Neal, A. Dean

Parsons, Richard E

Peaco, Neal G

Pierce, Maynard Stillman

Rand, Leroy F

Ray, Carroll W

Ray, Melcom E

Ray, Theodore R Jr

Remillard, Donald

Remillard, George

Rideout, Dawn I

Ring, Frank C

Rogers, Richard Sr

Savage, Roger F

Sawyer, James W

Shaw, Charles E

Skillin, Edward R

Stanley, Charles R

Stroheker, Cynthia J

Strong, Kendell E

Strong, Wendell R

Thompson, Francis R

Thompson, Herbert E Jr

Treadwell, Alwyn

Tripp, Wallace S

Tripp, Willis M

Ward, Ernest C

Waterman, Elbert N

Watkins, Lester R

Wilkinson, David L

Wills, Peter W

Wing, George B Sr

Witham, Harold J

Wotherspoon, Robert Sr

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