New Gloucester Veterans'


The  Goal of the New Gloucester Veterans Monument Project is for the New Gloucester, Maine Historical Society, Lunn-Hunnewell Amvets Post #6, New Gloucester Residents and Veterans to work together to construct the New Gloucester Veterans Monument.  This will be a place where the community can pay respect to all those from New Gloucester who have served our country and have been part of the military history of the United States.
1976 - 2000 Interventions & Coalition Forces:
~~Bay of Pigs Invasions ~~ Grenada ~~ US Invasion of Panama ~~ Persian Gulf War ~~
~~Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina~~

Adams, James D

Arsenault, Thomas E

Bagley, Michael P

Bardsley, Kelly

Barr, Stephen

Bean, Francis

Blanchard, Damon

Brady, Laurie

Buck, Kevin L

Cable, Mark P

Carll, Shawn

Cobb, David

Curtis, Eric W

Demers, Marc

Dionisio, David

Dionisio, Randolph J

Donovan, Chad

Doucette, Ronald R

Driscoll, Thomas P

Elvin, Dennis A

Froding, Robert

Ganem, Anthony J

Hall, Gregory

Hodgman, Scott

Hotham, Charles III

Hutchinson, Charles

Hutchinson, Robert

Joncas, Robert

Jordan, Bela E L Jr

Jordan, Dean M

Joy, Timothy K

Kolda, Scott A

Lane, Paul S

Leblond, Keith

Leblond, Roland Jr

LeBrecque, Christopher A

Lund Andrew W


MacNeill, Barry

Macomber, John M

McCann, Dennis

McCann, Richard

Mercier, Glen

Mercier, Jennifer

Morrison, Clinton

Morrison, Clyde

Morrison, Diane H

Morrison, Richard

Norton, Eric E

Ordway, Richard

Parsons, Robert

Plante, Arthur D

Plourde, Gilbert

Powell, Scott A

Pratt, Paul

Ray, Matthew D

Rioux, Shawn D

Rosesco, Ryan J

Rouillard, Joel H

Russell, David

Russell, Gary

Small, Jeffrey D

Spaulding, Roland W

Stillwell, Nathan A

Thompson, Greg

Thurston, Charles E

Way, Robert P

Way, Stephen A

Webb, Jason David

Wetherbee, Darrell

Wilcox, Vincent

White, Toby H

Wing, Brett

Wing, Kevin

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