New Gloucester Veterans'


The  Goal of the New Gloucester Veterans Monument Project is for the New Gloucester, Maine Historical Society, Lunn-Hunnewell Amvets Post #6, New Gloucester Residents and Veterans to work together to construct the New Gloucester Veterans Monument.  This will be a place where the community can pay respect to all those from New Gloucester who have served our country and have been part of the military history of the United States.

Civil War:



Allen, Henry C 

Allison, William

Atkins, Benjamin

Atkins, Henry D

Atkins, Wallace F

Averill, James H

Ayer, Andrew

Bailey, Tillesfor 

Baker, Edwin

Bennett, Moses M

Berry, George

Berry, Timothy

Bickford, John F 

Blake, Philip

Blake, William

Brackett, Thomas

Bragdon, Josiah

Bray, Van B

Buck, Addison

Burgess, Clark F

Burgess, Philip

Butler, Edward C

Butler, John

Carter, George W

Chase, George H

Cobb, Charles H Jr

Cobb, Charles M

Cobb, Chipman

Collins, Ebenezer

Collins, James

Cummings, Charles H

Cunningham, John

Curney, Joseph H

Curtis, George

Curtis, John

Curtis, Lucius C

Cushman, Isaac S

Davis, Abel

Davis, Adoniram A

Davis, Benjamin

Davis, Hiram E 

Davis, Leander F

Dawes, A. Judson

Dawes, Alvin

Day, Lemuel S

Dennison, William E

Dolley, Thomas W

Dunn, Chester J 

Edwards, Richard

Eveleth, Henry  

Eveleth, Moses E 

Fairfield, Payson E 

Farnum, Samuel M

Farrar, Leroy S

Field, George D

Fields, Horace N

Fogg, Charles N

Fogg, John S

Foss, Alvin

Frank, Grandville H

Gould, Anthony B

Gowell, William C

Gower, Francis G

Gower, Francis L

Greeley, Robert P M

Green, George A

Griffin, Howard S 

Grover, George B 

Grover, Howard H

Grover, William E 

Guptill, Daniel

Hackett, Sullivan H

Hall, William H        

Hammond, Joseph P

Harmon, Edward P 

Harmon, George L

Harris, Samuel

Hartman, Charles

Haskell, Thomas H

Hibbard, Orin B

Higgins, George S

Higgins, William C

Hill, Emerson

Hilton, Joseph M

Holman, Asa 

Holman, Emery A

Holt, Milton, W

Jenkins, John

Jillison, Rensaler

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Nathaniel

Johnson, Wilbur

Jordan, Allen H

Jordan, Charles T

Jordan, Daniel N

Jordan, Dr. Cyrus

Jordan, Harris

Jordan, John

Jordan, Rosco G

Jordan, William L

Jumper, George E

Jumper, John Q A

Jumper, Samuel H

Keene, Josiah F

Keith, Philip

Lane, Laurentus

Larrabee, Charles E

Larrabee, Frederick I

Latham, Charles F 

Leach, Harris 

Low, Michael

Lunt, M. William 

Lyon, Andrew S

Mayberry, Daniel

Markett, John

Marston, William S

McGlinch, Jeremiah 

McIntire, Benjamin Jr

McIntire, Levi

McIntosh, Edward K

Meader, John

Merchant, William 

Merrill, Amos G

Merrill, Benjamin B

Merrill, David N

Merrill, Davis W

Merrill, James K P  

Merrill, John C

Morgan, Henry

Morrison, Peter

Mountfort, Greenlief

Nash, Daniel

Nash, James

Parker, G. A

Pendexter, John C

Peterson, Orion I

Plant, Charles F

Plummer, George W

Pollister, John

Potter, Hanson B

Potter, Silas H

Quimby, John F

Rand, David

Rand, John

Ray, Charles A

Reed, Levi

Reed, Peter

Rice, David

Richards, Justus H

Ropes, Hannah Chandler  

Rowe, Stephen

Rowe, Zadoc A

Russell, William O

Sawyer, Andrew H

Sawyer, Henry H

Sawyer, P. M

Smith, Albert F

Smith, Augustus

Smith, James

Smith, Louville

Smith, Samuel 

Smith, Silas M

Snow, David M 

Spring, Frederick A

Staples, Johan

Starbird, Rufus S

Stevens, Alonzo

Stevens, Calvin D

Stevens, Joseph F 

Stinchfield, Cornelius

Stinchfield, Samuel E

Stowell, Joseph

Strout, Charles E

Strout, Wesley

Stubbs, Charles E

Sturgis, John

Sweetser, William

Thomas, Samuel M

Thompson, James

Thorn, Israel

Thurlow, Richard

True, George W

Tufts, Nathaniel

Tuttle, John S

Verrill, Otis

Verrill, Richard

Vincent, Jules

Watts, Albert S

Watts, Alfred Y

Watts, David

White, Hiram D

White, Horace

White, James L

Whitman, George E

Winslow, True P

Woodbury, Charles F

Wormwood, A. Lorenzo

Wormwood, Alfred R

Young, Charles



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