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The  Goal of the New Gloucester Veterans Monument Project is for the New Gloucester, Maine Historical Society, Lunn-Hunnewell Amvets Post #6, New Gloucester Residents and Veterans to work together to construct the New Gloucester Veterans Monument.  This will be a place where the community can pay respect to all those from New Gloucester who have served our country and have been part of the military history of the United States.
In Memory of Glenwood Hunnewell

Do you know who the "HUNNEWELL" is of the Lunn-Hunnewell AMVETS Post #6?

GLENWOOD HUNNEWELL was the son of Alfred and Rosamond Hunnewell.  He was the twin brother of Gwendolyn Jordan and the brother of Glenys Rosa, Frederick, Donald and Rodney Hunnewell.  Glenys Rosa lives in New Hampshire, Gwen and Rodney both still live here in New Gloucester.

Glenwood Hunnewell was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Hunnewell was a member of the 374th Troop Carrier Group that transported troops between Japan and Korea.
On September 26, 1950, he was a crew member, listed as the engineer of a C54D Skymaster transport departing from Ashiya, Japan.  The aircraft crashed into the Sea of Japan killing the five crew members and the eighteen troops being transported.

Staff Sergeant Glenwood Hunnewell was 22 years old at the time of his death.

He was awarded the following:  Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal.

Pictured above right:  Glenwood Hunnewell when he was home on leave with his nephew, Dennis Jordan who served in the Vietnam War.

The 1,149 names of New Gloucester Veterans are now at Collette Monument and they have started the engraving process for the monument.

Memorial Brinks are no longer up for sale.  We are now currently engraving the 97 bricks that were sold!  Thank you to all those who purchased the bricks!

Project Manager Dennis McCann, Jeff Hamilton and Bill Kiley are now meeting with Engineer Jeff Amos of Terradyn Consultants to begin the work on the site of the New Gloucester Veterans' Monument.

  JULY 2014

Blake - Stinchfield Military

This month we recognize the extensive military service of two of our earliest New Gloucester families.  John Stinchfield arrived in New Gloucester in 1753 and helped construct the Block House.  Capt. James Blake purchased land here in 1789, and there have been 10 consecutive generations of Blake men to reside on Penney Road.  The two families were officially joined in matrimony July 1, 1914 when Fred Blake married Muriel Stinchfield, the last of her family line.  
Everett S. Blake with Barbara Smith
John Stinchfield, “the father of the blockhouse”, served in the Revolutionary War with his sons John, Jr., William, James (a spy for the Continental Army), Thomas, and Rogers M.W., along with his oldest grandson, Ephraim Stinchfield, age 17, and his brother Josiah, who enlisted just before his 16th birthday.  Josiah’s son, John, went to sea in 1809 for the U.S. Navy and never returned.  Moses Stinchfield, son of James, served in the War of 1812.  Ephraim’s grandson, Cornelius, would later serve in the Civil War, where he would eventually be captured and die in the Confederate Prison located in Salisbury, North Carolina.
Everett Philip Blake with Tommy

Ephraim & Richard Blake from White’s Corner both served in the War of 1812.  Walter and Arthur Blake were brothers from Upper Gloucester who served in World War I, the “War To End All Wars”, where Walter served in France.  Everett Stinchfield Blake, oldest son of Fred & Muriel, served in the National Guard in the 1930’s and was accepted to West Point, but was forced to stay at home on Penney Road to run his grandparents’ farm and help with his parents’ neighboring farm.

Everett Philip Blake, son of Everett S. Blake,  served seven years in the USCG from 1968-1975.

Herbert Oscar Blake

Everett S. Blake's younger brother, Herbert Oscar Blake, went overseas serving the Army in the Korean War.

Herb’s oldest son, Herbert L. Blake, was an electrician in the Navy from 1974 through 1978.  Later, he served in the Army Reserve from 1978-1979.   
For the month of June, we would like to honor the Morrison Family Veterans:

The Korean War:

Earland H Morrison - US Air Force
LLoyd R Morrison - US Army

Vietnam War

Donald P Morrison - US Army National Guard

During the Invasion Period

Clinton Morrison - US Marine Corps
Clyde A Morrison - US Marine Corps
Diane H Morrison - US Marine Corps
Richard D. Morrison - US Marine Corps

Afghanistan - Iraq

Melinda J Morrison - US Army

For the month of April, we would like to honor the Bragdon Family Veterans:


Wallace E. Bragdon, Sr - United States Army


Alden M. Bragdon - United States Army
Charles E. Bragdon - Unites States Navy Seabees
Kenneth R. Bragdon - United States Army Air Corps
Sidney M. Bragdon - United States Army Air Corps
William Avery Bragdon - United States Marine Corps


Wallace E. Bragdon, Jr. - United States Army


Arthur E. Bragdon - United States Army
Edwin E. Bragdon, Jr. - United States Army
James K. Bragdon - United States Navy
William E Bragdon - United States Air Force
Starting in March 2014, we will be remembering one veteran each month.  If you would like your veteran remembered, please email  Please provide a picture and brief biography of your veteran.


Mr. McCann served in the Army during World War II.  He was in Company L 327th Glider Infantry Regiment.  His military occupation specialty was Rifleman 745.  He was an expert rifleman and an expert gunner.  He had his combat infantry badge.  His battles/campaigns were Rhineland and Central Europe.  While in Germany, he was in Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest.  He came back home from Europe on the Queen Mary and was in a Victory Parade in New York City.

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